Colleen Mary Cunningham

Assistant Professor
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School

London Business School
Regent's Park
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7000 8154

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Research Interests

I study innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate strategy. Specifically, Iā€™m interested in how the experience and capabilities of established firms and new ventures shape their access to resources, innovation strategies, and performance. I perform quantitative analyses of large scale surveys and archival datasets, both cross industry and focused on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and electric utilities.

Working Papers

ā€œKiller Acquisitions,ā€ with Song Ma and Florian Ederer, 2018

"When Novelty Pays," 2017

"The boundaries of relational governance: Sales force strategies in the U.S. medical device industry," with Aaron (Ronnie) Chatterji and John Joseph, 2017, Under Review